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Amanda Falcão

Executive Assistant


Amanda Falcão is the Executive Assistant of Ascendant Global.
Her current role includes responsibility for providing support for departments, researching and preparing documents, assisting in hiring procedures and project management tasks, Amanda supports these teams with recruitment, development, improvement, support on monitoring, assistance in the organization’s recruiting efforts, and internal support for CEO and COO. She brings a unique perspective and a passion for using creative approaches to solve complex problems.
Before joining the Ascendant Global team, Amanda was the owner/CEO of the AF Architecture and Interior Design office. Along with that, she worked on several projects as an Architect and Urbanist in 13 cities in Brazil, planning, coordinating, and implementing projects and using architecture as a modifying instrument of being, where comfort, function, and aesthetics go side by side—specializing in residences and interior design. With her diverse work experience, such as resource optimization, planning of works, team management, corporate architectural projects, project management, and routine/programming development visually applied to architecture, Amanda was always dedicated and open to learning new skills.
Amanda holds a bachelor's degree in Architecture and Urban Design, and proudly graduated from one of the best universities in Latin America: UFBA (Federal University of Bahia), from which she has developed skills in scientific research in BIM (Building Information Modeling) applied to the documentation of Historical Buildings | Development of a methodology for the scientific survey of buildings of historical and cultural importance - PIBIC, where she had a brilliant academic career. She also participated in the Science Without Borders Program from the Brazilian Government and had a scholarship diploma in Architecture from Deakin University in Australia.

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